Welcome to the official website of the Thunderbirds of Southern California,
a car club dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the Ford Thunderbird,
model years 1955 - 2005.

A Chapter of the Vintage Thunderbird Club International

Founded in 1974, the The TSC remains a strong presence in the world of classic car owners, participating in car shows, car auctions, as well as offering restoration and repair advice to the "purists" and to those who like to modify their TBirds. We boast an active, family-oriented group of members who enjoy all the benefits of being part of this friendly group. Being the largest Thunderbird Club on the West Coast, members come from all over Southern California and even some from out of state. All Thunderbird owners and enthusiasts are welcome to join. In fact, owning a Thunderbird is not a prerequisite for membership. Come join the Thunderbirds of Southern California.

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